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Cup Filled - GUNFNGR

Cup Filled – GUNFNGR

Every once in a great while we come across a track that defies description. Sure, we could go with the basics: it’s a club-ready track with heavy basslines and it’s about drinking… but that doesn’t do it justice.

Listen. Turn it up. Enjoy.

November 2, 2012  |  Electro Rhythmic-Pop, Hip Hop, Rap  |  No Comments

My Way – Amid Vocirus

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Simple is elegant; it’s graceful. My Way from Amid Vocirus is simple, elegant and graceful, with a significant back beat and a guitar hook that you’ll be humming to yourself for the rest of the day. Perfect for an up-and-comer who is looking for a signature track.

August 23, 2012  |  Electro Rhythmic-Pop, Hip Hop, Rap  |  No Comments
D.O.P.E. from Syn Cyti

D.O.P.E. from Syn Cyti

Using old school video game elements in the mix, Syn Cyti’s latest effort, D.O.P.E. lives up to its name and is a very strong hip hop track available for your use. Strong back beats, a unique feel, and and a good rhythm make this an iconic possibility for the right artist.

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Mick Swagger - Syn Cyti - Exclusive Track

Mick Swagger – Syn Cyti – Exclusive Track

Syn Cyti always brings the heat, but now they’re bringing the Swagger too. Mick Swagger to be specific.

A great track for an experienced rapper looking to make that next step, as this track creates automatic crossover potential into the pop realm. Terrific guitar riff combined with a strong backbeat and plenty of room for male or female vocals as a hook. Has an additional electronic element that really sets it apart from other Syn Cyti offerings.

July 17, 2012  |  Electro Rhythmic-Pop, Hip Hop, Pop, Rap  |  No Comments
Balenciaga Banks is <i>The King of Club</i>

Balenciaga Banks is The King of Club

Balenciaga Banks is not your typical rap/hip-hop scenester. Sure, he raps about the usual stuff — cars with tinted windows, women and money — but there’s more to Mr. Banks than his music would otherwise indicate.

Whether he’s designing clothing in his signature street-cum-country-club style or reminding the listener of early De La Soul, The King of Club is his 7th mix tape, and it aims to fuse the gap between the underground rap scene and mainstream music. This is perhaps Mr. Banks’ greatest musical accomplishment to date.

Sure, there’s the usual club fare, but there’s also a grungy underground element to this music — from the production to the lyrics — that sets The King of Club apart from its contemporary offerings.

First, there’s the inherent emotion throughout the work of this Cincinnati, Ohio native’s rhymes, an emotion that draws the listener in, makes him believe every word. Second, the production is at once elegant and rough, real, truthful, helping Mr. Banks connect with the listener in new and interesting ways.

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Can't Nobody Do It My Way - D'NME

Can’t Nobody Do It My Way – D’NME

D’NME’s latest starts strong with an awesome hook and then continues to build and get stronger.

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Kajmir Royale Brings The Swag With His Latest, <i>Heir To The Throne</i>

Kajmir Royale Brings The Swag With His Latest, Heir To The Throne

American musician Kajmir Royale brings his unique “Hip Pop” style to the masses with his sophomore effort, Heir To The Throne. After working with LA-based mixtape gurus DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar, the longtime beat creator has had major placements with luminaries like Bow Wow, De La Soul and DMX. Utilizing elements from old Motown mixed with modern hip hop, Heir To The Throne is an honest and unique look at an up-and-comer in the scene.

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