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Wild Youth - Sean Brown, prod. by Superville

Wild Youth – Sean Brown, prod. by Superville

Underground hip hop is quick-witted, sharp-tongued and intelligent-minded, and Wild Youth, the latest release from Sean Brown, is no exception to these rules. Somewhat political without being preachy, Brown finds a happy medium between finding something to talk about without making the listener feel guilty about it; instead, he makes the listener take note of violence in the streets among a seemingly forgotten generation thanks to solid rhymes and terrific production by Superville.

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Call It Swag from Nova Btaz

Call It Swag from Nova Btaz

We certainly would call it Swag. From the nearly silent front end to a simple but elegant and driving beat, Nova Btaz creates a track more about the drum and bass than most offerings in the current idiom. The one word we’d use to describe this beat is “room.” There’s room for any pace of rap, room for multiple vocal overlays if needed, and room for chorus and breakdowns throughout.

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Amid Vocirus'

Amid Vocirus’ “Get Down” is Club Ready

It’s rare that we come across a track that is ready to go right out of the box, but “Get Down” from Amid Vocirus is one such track. Would be excellent in several different formats, including as a talk bed for radio or club DJs, but its main purpose is and should be for a talented rapper looking for a beat that will get play in the clubs. Top notch production and hook-loaded beats are a hallmark of Amid Vocirus tracks, and this is no exception.

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Kajmir Royale's Robotik Lover

Kajmir Royale’s Robotik Lover

This track is pure heat right out of the box! Perfect for upbeat club-style hip hop or even Reggaeton, it starts out intense with danceable beats and heavy electronics, then follows that schematic all the way through the end, while leaving specific areas for vocal hooks and breakdowns. Anyone serious about their music needs to explore this track for its possibilities.

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One Night in Paris from Johnny & Sam

There are some tracks that we get at MusicRetriever HQ that are perfect, regardless of the intent of the artist who purchases them. One Night in Paris from Johnny & Sam is one of those tracks, as it can be used with or without a vocal hook, can be used for up or down beat lyrics, and can be used for any style of rapper. Strong, iconic potential in the opening leading to a rhythmically solid backbeat and overall feel. A great addition.

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Balenciaga Banks is <i>The King of Club</i>

Balenciaga Banks is The King of Club

Balenciaga Banks is not your typical rap/hip-hop scenester. Sure, he raps about the usual stuff — cars with tinted windows, women and money — but there’s more to Mr. Banks than his music would otherwise indicate.

Whether he’s designing clothing in his signature street-cum-country-club style or reminding the listener of early De La Soul, The King of Club is his 7th mix tape, and it aims to fuse the gap between the underground rap scene and mainstream music. This is perhaps Mr. Banks’ greatest musical accomplishment to date.

Sure, there’s the usual club fare, but there’s also a grungy underground element to this music — from the production to the lyrics — that sets The King of Club apart from its contemporary offerings.

First, there’s the inherent emotion throughout the work of this Cincinnati, Ohio native’s rhymes, an emotion that draws the listener in, makes him believe every word. Second, the production is at once elegant and rough, real, truthful, helping Mr. Banks connect with the listener in new and interesting ways.

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Can't Nobody Do It My Way - D'NME

Can’t Nobody Do It My Way – D’NME

D’NME’s latest starts strong with an awesome hook and then continues to build and get stronger.

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